• Have you ever wondered…

  • …how much more fun you could be having if…

  • …you had unlimited support for the dreams that have been simmering in your heart for far too long…

  • …the answers to your problems just showed up…

  • …and delightful surprises regularly appeared out of nowhere?

  • …What if all this was already happening…

  • …and you’ve just been missing it?

Fullistic® Basics

Fullistic® describes three types of energy: 1) Physical; 2) Conscious; and 3) Potential. Most of us tend to focus only on physical energy, but that takes a lot of time and effort. Inviting conscious and potential energy to the party not only speeds results; it makes them better than anything you can imagine, since the human brain is only capable of referencing what it already knows or has seen.

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Everything you can see, hear, smell, taste and touch is physical energy. It can be solid, liquid or gaseous.  This is energy in its slowest, most dense form. We like it because we think we can control it, or because it stirs our creative juices to make things with it.  We also create our relationships from it.   We label it, hoard it, squander or save it, love and hate it.  It’s the source of most of our life stories, and we tend to define ourselves by how dramatically we appear and interact within it.   I call this “Fulfilled” energy, because it appears to us in ways that can be identified by our five senses.
Contrary to what you might believe, conscious energy isn’t the tango of negatives and positives going on inside our skulls. It’s not what we think; it’s what we know or feel that cannot be explained. This energy comes to us in the form of dreams, intuitive hits, songs that aren’t playing on any of our devices, aromas that are not in our current environment, visions that come to us at odd hours or simply a feeling or knowing that we cannot explain but must heed. Conscious energy is not logical, and isn’t meant to be. It’s how we receive flashes of insight and sparks of creative genius as well as answers that are beyond both our experience and imagination. I call this “Fulfilling” energy, because it inspires us to fulfill its stirrings.
Potential energy exists as a field, similar to a universe or galaxy that has no defined boundaries. The difference is that in its potential state, energy does lots of fun stuff. It can appear in two places at once. It makes a mockery of time, as nothing is yet linear. Things pop in and out of it, like an answer to a prayer. This energy makes everything and anything possible, now or in the future. It’s the reason for things that light us up, like synchronicities and “lucky breaks.” I call this “Full” energy, because it’s full of possibilities beyond our imaginations.
It can provide suggestions or answers that are outside your experience or knowledge
It can deliver surprises that either delight you or help keep you safe
It can make the most of what you already have so you enjoy it more
Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash.

The Fun Starts Here

First, realize that everything and everyone is connected through the quantum soup of Fulfilled, Fulfilling and Full energy.  You are simply an individualized part of an infinite whole.   So there’s nothing you need to do to engage.  The reason why you may not feel connected is simply because you’re blocking some of the energy flow.

Actually, it’s more a question of what to unlearn!  Simply let go of the belief that the world exists in only three dimensions.   Stop thinking that time is linear.   Scientists have already proven that neither is true, and that energy behaves in ways that we cannot always control or even understand.  You may not feel connected is simply because you’re blocking some of the energy flow.

Two ways:  1) Wonder; and 2) Willingness.   A simple question like, “I wonder what will solve this problem?” gets things going, and a willingness to be aware of and responsive to what turns up opens the flow to the best results.    

Again: wonder about it.  “I wonder why I’m resisting this,” may result in the discovery that what you thought you wanted really isn’t what is motivating or inspiring you right now.  You have free will, so rejection or acceptance is up to you.

Usually not.  All energy carries vibration, and you will likely find that what comes to and through you will expand your comfort zone, but it will not force you to be completely different.  The experience tends to simply make things work out better than they otherwise would, or gives you a sudden reason to smile.

Fullistic®️ experiences will not change others.   And they don’t change you, either.  They reveal more of who you truly are, making it easier to be your authentic self and to pursue and enjoy more of the life only you can live.  Once you discover that everything you need to be fully yourself is available here and now, it’s easy to relax and embrace your life.

Fulfilled Energy:
You already know how to play with Fulfilled energy: it’s the stuff of daily living.  You interact with it every day, and are constantly making choices about it.  It’s the “who” “where” and “what” of how you sleep, eat, work, play, pray, heal, love, or relax.  
If you prefer sensate experiences, you might focus all your energy here. There’s no problem doing that, but it limits your growth and enjoyment to variations of what already exists and what you’ve already experienced.   Even new houses, cars, jobs and relationships get old.  When they do, the creative force within us wants change.  But all too often, we simply replace what we had with variations or upgrades of what we’ve already had, and eventually those fail to satisfy us, too.
The other limitation of physical energy is that it can be difficult, slow or complicated to move or change.  Focusing only on physical resources may or may not get you where you want to go as quickly or as far as you like.  Using what’s already here to attack a problem may simply result in you having a bigger, more stubborn problem.  
Fulfilled energy can be both deeply satisfying and deeply disturbing to our five senses, or anywhere in between.   To heighten its impact, pay more attention to the people and things currently in your physical life. 
Instead of criticizing and judging them, look for what makes them unique and good.  Notice, accept and wonder about differences.  Appreciation, blessing and enjoyment are all great ways to engage with Fulfilled energy.
Fulfilling Energy:
Fulfilling energy has two functions: it’s creative and protective.  If you’ve ever had an “ah ha!” moment in the shower or a flash of insight from a dream, you’ve experienced this energy. 
One example of this would be when Paul McCartney woke up one morning with the melody of the hit song “Yesterday” playing over and over in his mind.   He wrote some odd lyrics, just so he wouldn’t forget it:  “Love your legs.  Oh, I really, really love your legs!”   The melody wouldn’t leave him, and as he continued to let it simmer in his consciousness, eventually the words to “Yesterday” came to him.  
Another example of Fulfilling energy is when you have the sense you shouldn’t go someplace, and then something tragic happens there that would likely have maimed or hurt you had you taken the original route.  Or, conversely, you feel the urge to take a road not traveled and end up in a place that takes your breath away or lands you in front of the house of your dreams.
A third example that combines both of the above is when you just know something or someone is wrong or right, but you can’t explain why.   There are many celebrity examples of this, like when musical superstar Mariah Carey was waitressing as a teenager.   Her manager told her to get to work, and she calmly answered with, “I’m going to be a famous singer one day.”  Fulfilling energy knows with no need for logic or explanation.  
Fulfilling energy is connected to our lighter vibrational bodies, particularly the spiritual, mental and etheric fields that surround our physical forms.   We exchange it whenever we think of someone and then they show up and say, “Oh, I was just thinking of you, too!”  
Fulfilling energy inspires us, brings answers to problems (many scientific discoveries happen this way) and guide us to fulfill our human potential.
To heighten your engagement with it, notice how consciousness speaks to you.   Everyone has a “Clair” of some kind—clairaudience (you hear songs in your head, words or phrases that don’t relate to the conversation you’re in); clairsentience (you get a strong feeling); claircognizance (you know something clearly, not necessarily from practice or experience, and that “knowing” does not make you restless or defensive); or clairvoyance (you get mental pictures or details and colors speak to you).   Some people are also very sensitive to aromas.   Pay attention to these signals, and follow them.   Just remember that they usually do not frighten you.  If you get a sense that you need to stop or not do a particular thing, you can ask, “where should I go or be instead?”  A sign or signal usually appears.
Full Energy:
Full energy is the field in which both Fulfilled and Fulfilling energy exists.  Actually, it animates not only what is in both those fields, but what isn’t…yet.  
This is the field from which things we call “miracles” occurs.  Even an instant of our attention to possibilities stops the waves of potential and allows them to pop up as moments of grace, beauty and joy we experience in 3-dimensional life.  
Full energy changes from potential to probability both by our fixed and sustained attention to a particular outcome, but also by wonder and willingness.  It supports the consciousness of fulfilling energy as well as the forms of physical energy.
This is the field to engage with when you need resources you don’t have or have absolutely no idea how something that otherwise seems impossible might happen.   Never discount its ability to surprise and delight you.
To play in the field, simply say, “I wonder what will be fun today?  And I’m willing to accept and enjoy what comes my way.”   Then just go about your day.   Don’t hunt for anything, and don’t set any specific expectations about what you want.  Just let yourself be delightfully surprised.
Check out Fullistic®️ Friends and my books for other resources that will help you enjoy more energy and flow.


I’m Robin, and I’m glad you’re here.

All my life, I’ve wondered how to have more fun, especially as life layered on the responsibilities of adulthood.  I never wanted to escape any of it; I just wanted to know, “what makes life work, and how much joy am I missing by not knowing?”
So I set out to learn.  Along the way, I met and married a really cool guy who was as game for anything as I was.  He never said no when I would walk into the bathroom while he was shaving and tell him we had to get on a plane to a state we’d never been to because I had a vivid dream about a rose garden there, and had to stand in it.  When we came home and I would share my latest finding, our daughters lovingly shrugged and said:  ”Some kids have normal mothers; we don’t.”
My life has been a petri dish of learning, experimenting and playing with the natural, life-affirming energy that comes to us, through us and lives as us.  Along the way, I shared the fun with thousands of people in my keynote speeches, workshops, books and blogs.  
One day, I realized it had a name: Fullistic®️. And now it’s my intention to make things easier and a lot more fun for you by sharing what it is and how it works.


Now it’s almost like having a designer right here with me. I just choose the page, make the change and click save. It’s so simple.

Fullistic®️ Friends!

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Hand Picked Additions

Feathers Book

Ever felt tired, frustrated, angry, confused or stuck? It happens to all of us every day. And when it does, it’s easy to put all of your attention on the thing that’s bothering you. That just feeds it with more negative energy so it gets more and more stuck.  Haven’t you ever noticed that your focus on your problems just gives you bigger problems?  
And if you’ve ever fallen into the trap of “positive thinking” when you’re in a low energy state, you know it feels like you’re trying to hold up the ceiling; it’s utterly exhausting. Worse, if you try to come up with a solution when your energy is low, chances are good it will work minimally or possibly make things worse. A simple way to think about it is is you had the answer, you wouldn’t have the problem.  
But there’s a fun and easy way to get things moving fast. The moment you recognize a low-energy state in yourself, just pick up your copy of Feathers. As you hold it in your hand, think or say aloud, “I wonder what feather will help me lighten up right now?”   Then open the book at random. Read one of the 50 short energizers. They’re designed to be read in 50 seconds or less by the average reader. That’s it!
By doing this, several energetic shifts occur quickly.
You “unplug” the flow of negative energy into your problem. Think of it like turning off the switch. The instant you turn away from it, it starts to lose some of its power.  Focusing your attention on the brief essay weakens it further.  
You will feel better. It’s impossible for the human mind to think two thoughts at the same time.  So if you’re reading, you can’t also be thinking about your problem. And as we think, we feel. As in #1, you just stopped making yourself feel worse, so you’ll likely notice that you feel more awake or relaxed.
By “neutralizing” your attention, you open the Field of Potential to provide an answer to your problem. Sometimes that happens almost instantly—a person or bit of information just appears. Other times (particularly if the problem is large, long-standing or complicated), you’ll experience something that improves the situation, but does not completely eliminate it. Or you get reassurance that you’re on the right track, either from signs in your environment or from your own intuition and dreams.
While it’s possible that the energizer you’re reading might have a key to your problem, it’s equally possible that it won’t.  Either way, willingness will move you forward, either by embracing the suggestion in the book, or by using it as negative contrast, rejecting it for what you would prefer to do instead.
Feathers is small and lightweight—designed to fit into a backpack, purse or rest on your desk or bedside nightstand without taking up too much space.  
Here’s the link to get a paperback copy:  (And note: it’s free for Kindle owners!)

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